06 September 2008

A Heaven I Miss - Pengkalan Hulu

Sweet smell of burnt bushes and baked earth

still lingers in the memory though bygone in history

am awakened from the slumber’s depth

to the musical memory from the past gone by;the days I used to wander

brushing the bushes in the forest

caring for the wild wilderness

now but a story shrouded in history

only to be told again and again;

the multicolored spiders

the poisonous snakes that slithered smoothly

beneath pile of dried rotten leaves

harmed me not even in their dreams;

the squirrels that gave me once a native fruit to eat

the monkeys that threw me once a bunch of fruits to be shared with friends

the Orang Asli (Natives of Malaysia) who guided

me with their skills

are all but embedded layers of past thoughts;

the years rolled fast, past my youth

only for me to carry on with a bundle of memory;

oh, how I wish to be back then

to stroll again the motherly earth there

to smell again the burnt bushes and baked earth

to recover the sweet life hidden in the wilderness;

a place so dear to me

where survival taught in beautiful and colorful manner

hurt none embrace all;I lived in meditationut

most equanimitylife was full of equilibrium

amidst the greenery and serenity

of a forest

in Pengkalan Hulu

a heaven I lived once.

(this is a re-post.Posted elsewhere before)©cyclopseven. All right reserved 030908.

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